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Since our inception in 2016, we have worked hard to bring quality information to Kenyans through our websites, directories and communities. From helping you learn history to assisting you find the right medical specialist, we believe you deserve the most accurate information.

Informative Specialty Directories

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KENYA SPECIALIST DIRECTORY. Simplified search for specialists and specialized medical centers. Giving medical professionals and facilities control of their online presence.


COMING SOON: Finding an advocate or a law firm is now easy with the INFO254 lawyer’s directory. For Advocates or Law Firms, post detailed profiles and engage potential clients on our site.


COMING SOON: Finding a school, college or university is now easy with the INFO254 education directory. For schools, colleges or universities, post detailed profiles and engage parents or students on our site.


We are bringing businesses closer to their customers through intelligent field-specific directories and social media communities.