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You are a BRAND!

We all know how hard it is to land that first job. So when that job opportunity is in sight, put your best foot forward by having a CV that impresses for both substance and style.

It is important to always have a copy of your CV ready since a CV is your personal marketing brochure spelling out your career history, skills and experience. Therefore, you should never wait for the last minute to prepare your CV.

Thankfully the web now has a lot of tips on how to prepare a great CV.

But in preparing your CV you should always view yourself as a brand. By you being a brand, you are trying to sell your services to a potential employer by stating what you nave to offer to them over all the other candidates.

Therefore it is important that your CV is not a duplication of another person’s CV or a generic CV that does not really reflect your specific strengths and your career story.

Writing a good CV is probably one of the hardest thing to do since you have to dig deep to see how your experience and skills match the requirements of a specific position. In addition, since your CV is an evolving document you will need to update it regularly as you change jobs or gain more experience and skills.

Remember, when you are writing a CV you should always be careful about overstating your experience but at the same time you should come through as confident in your skills and experience. Employers appreciate a well-thought out, confident and detailed resume but at the same time hate unsubstantiated and hanging statements. For example, if you state you have a certain skill, then make sure that somewhere in the CV you demonstrate that particular skill in your experience.


When it is all said and done, it is not impossible to create a good CV, it just takes time. You will be glad you did it since your CV will be always be the one that stands out.

As a starting point to having that outstanding CV, we have prepared editable Microsoft Word CV templates for you to modify as you see fit.

To avoid Microsoft Word formatting issues, it is always advisable to convert your final CV draft into a PDF file (that is if you are submitting your CV online and PDF is one of the formats accepted by the employer). Since the employer will be getting multiple CVs, do not forget to add your name to your CV filename.

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