Dr. George M. Warimwe is a researcher based at the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute. The Jenner Institute is a part of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Medicine.

Dr. Warimwe and his group are working to develop a single dose vaccine for Rift Valley Fever (RVF). The vaccine has so far been shown to be effective in livestock during trials and is planned for both  human and livestock trials by the end of 2017. It utilizes the chimpanzee vaccine vector which is known to be also safe in humans, meaning that the vaccine can be used for both humans and livestock.

Cases of RVF have been reported throughout Africa. It is highly fatal especially for young  animals and is known to cause 100 percent mortality in animal fetuses which can have large economic implications for farmers. Although not as fatal in humans, a recent human outbreak of the disease in Niger led to 343 reported cases and 33 fatalities. Due to the similarity in symptoms, the disease is frequently misdiagnosed for Meningitis according to the World Health Organization.

Learn more about the disease and Dr. Warimwe’s research in the video below and also from this Kenya Standard article highlighting his work and achievements.

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George M. Warimwe and others Chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine provides multispecies protection against Rift Valley fever (Scientific Reports, 5 February 2016)

Photocourtesy: vimeo.com

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