Juliana Rotich’s resume and biography is more than impressive by any measure. Senior Ted Fellow, MIT Director’s Fellow, Board Member at Kenya Vison2030, Ushahidi and an Advisory Board Member of the BASF Stakeholder Advisory Council and iHub are just some of the titles and roles that she holds.

Juliana was a co-founder of Ushahidi Inc. and was its Executive Director between 2011 aand 2015. Currently, she is the Executive Director of BRCK.org, a non-profit organization which is affiliated with BRCK Inc.

Ushahidi, an open source crowd-sourcing platform, was first used in Kenya to track and map violence outbreaks during the post-election violence of 2008. It has now been used worldwide to assist first responders during disasters such as the Haiti Earthquake, the Christchurch Earthquake in New Zealand among many others.

The Nation newspaper recently featured the BRCK, a rugged WIFI Hotspot and extender device, as one of the hottest innovations to come out of Kenya’s Silicon Savannah.

Juliana epitomizes the confidence and clarity of mind that the newest generation of Kenyan innovators possess. Learn more about Juliana, her many accomplishments and accolades from her personal website.

Hear Juliana narrate how the Ushahidi platform works.

Photocourtesy: CC Image courtesy of afromusing on Flickr

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