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M-KOPA Solar is working towards connecting Kenyans off the electrical grid with affordable solar power packages that include solar powered TVs, rechargeable torches and radios in addition to charging accessories for small electronics.

By offering a flexible payment plan, low-income families all around the country are able to afford MKOPA Solar’s power system that could have otherwise been out of their reach. The payment entails a small initial deposit that is followed by easy-to-pay daily installments conveniently paid through Safricom’s M-Pesa platform over a period of one year. According to M-KOPA Solar,  450,000 households were connected to affordable solar systems as of July 2016.

M-KOPA Solar is the brainchild of Nick Hughes, Chad Larson, and Jesse Moore. Nick Hughes was instrumental in the development and implementation of the M-Pesa platform during his previous stint as Head of Global Payments at Vodafone Group. He is therefore very familiar with successful service delivery to meet Kenya’s unique market needs.

The company has garnered numerous awards for its innovative approach including being named three times to the Global Cleantech 100 and was in 2014 recognized as a new energy pioneer at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit. The Global Cleantech 100 is an annual list of the top 100 private companies in clean technology compiled by the Cleantech Group.

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