When you visit the Twiga Foods website, the indisputable facts and figures are presented from the outset: 27 million banana sold, 1500 vendors reached and 70% customer acquisition. That is a lot of bananas sold!

But this is serious business for Twiga Foods – they are streamlining the supply chain by bridging the gap between the farmer and the roadside, kiosk or small market vendor in Nairobi – ensuring quality and eliminating the middle man and the 5 AM trip to the market for the vendor. All this is coordinated through a cashless mobile based supply platform.

Lower prices for the vendor and better prices to the farmer seems like a winning proposition. In addition, with the Twiga Foods system, supply can be well-balanced with demand for both parties allowing the vendor to order a just a day in advance. Then Twiga Foods does the rest to ensure that the product is delivered to the vendor by the next morning.

Another advantage to the farmer and vendor is that by formalizing their transactions through the Twiga Foods mobile platform, they can show official cash-flow records when they are trying access credit facilities to help expand their operations.

At this point Twiga Foods is only supplying bananas, tomatoes, potatoes and onions. But considering the volume at which these items are consumed in Kenya this a great starting point and they are planning to expand their produce line by the end of the 2017.

Learn more about Twiga Foods from a feature piece by CTGN Africa and an interview with Kikonde Mwatela, Co-Founder of Twiga Foods.

Hear co-founder Grant Brooke detail how Twiga Foods Operates.

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