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Kenyans globally have accomplished a great deal in many different fields of endeavor. By bringing their careers and achievements to the forefront, we hope that we will motivate coming generations of Kenyans to keep reaching for the skies.

In our second spotlight article, we are honored to feature Emanuel Kasio, the director and founder of Golf for Kids Kenya based in Nairobi. Emanuel attended college in the US at the United States International University (USIU), San Diego campus. He then lived and worked in the Las Vegas area for more than ten years before returning home to start Golf for Kids, a leading provider of junior golf coaching in East Africa.

In 2015 and 2016, Emanuel was named a top-50 kids teacher by US Kids Golf, a recognition bestowed on top youth golf teachers who operate cutting-edge golf programs within the US and around the world. He will tell us more about this venture and any advice he might have for anyone in the Diaspora seeking to return and set up a business in Kenya.(Learn more about Golf for Kids on their Facebook page.)


Emanuel at the PGA International Round Table on Global Youth Development in 2016

Emanuel can you tell us about Golf for Kids?

Golf for Kids is a school-based program that is dedicated to instilling life skills in kids through the sport of golf. We started the program in 2011 initially supporting two schools, but we are currently managing a growing number of schools program in Kenya and the larger East African region.

We have built a strong brand, presence and recognition for golf in several school sports departments using the U.S Kids Golf curriculum. We have also established junior leagues that aim to nurture holistic golfers in pre-school and elementary school levels.

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