Kenya Paid Calling Service Comparison Table (PDF)

Calling Kenya from the Diaspora is a much easier affair nowadays due to a larger choice in calling services and platforms. Nearly gone are the days when you had to rush to the convenient store to buy a calling card. As a matter of fact, calling Kenya for no cost is here with us using iPhone and android apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, Skype. However there is a requirement that the person on the other end to have these apps installed on their phones for you to be able to make a voice or video call to them for free. In addition both the caller and the recipient must have ample data credit and good data coverage to make a smooth call.

The Whatsapp revolution is also here for many of us, becoming an indispensable phone app that gives us the ability to reconnect with old schoolmates, friends and family members through the easy-to-use group feature. It is also amazing to see how many business transactions are being conducted via Whatsapp by Kenyans at home and in the Diaspora.

However, the traditional tried and true methods of calling Kenya are still important for business calls and calling those who do not have access to the app-based messaging clients discussed above. has prepared a comparison table (PDF) featuring paid international calling services that have mobile apps for both the IOS and Android. A surprise is VONAGE which offers very competitive rates and great call quality but however requires one to have VONAGE’s home phone service plan, adding an extra charge. Additionally, although Skype’s per-minute rate is extremely high, they offer a competitive monthly 200-minute subscription.

Table Best viewed in Landscape on Mobile

phone-services-comparison-to-kenya-1phone-services-comparison-to-kenya-2We have added our comments on services that we have personally used to call Kenya. The list is by no means exhaustive and we welcome your comments to let us know any other services that have worked for you and should be included in our list.

Skype Subscription Service


By Staff – November 17, 2016

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