Remember for a fee, now you can perform your own land search online at the ministry of lands and urban development website for some parts of the country. (Online account registration at with National ID number and scanned passport photo is required prior to proceeding to the land search page)
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Screen Capture of Ministry of Land and Physical Planning Dashboard after login. Registries that are online as on Dec 2, 2016 are listed.


Due to wide speculation and resulting steep appreciation, purchasing  land and property in Kenya has become a treacherous affair to say the least. It can be said that these two factors have brought the best and worst out of many people.

Diving into this rush, many Kenyans in the Diaspora have been able to shore up their wealth but others have suffered financial loss at the hands of unscrupulous sellers, brokers, lawyers, government officials and even family members.  It is important to take precautions while buying land and property to avoid falling prey to such individuals. Purchasing land and property from the original owner seems to be the best bet. This reduces the chance that pertinent documentation such as title deeds have not been manipulated along the way as property changes hands. However, we know that this is not always possible since property in hot markets change hands often as a result of speculation.

When buying land or property in Kenya, the mantra “Don’t trust, always verify and then verify again” should always be applied. And if you can’t verify, then just walk away. For reason mentioned above, Kenyans in Diaspora must be extra vigilant of parties who might want to exploit the long and arduous process of purchasing property in Kenya from afar. Hundred of calls have to be made, numerous emails sent and multiple documents scanned, and it is easy for one to drop their guard down in the middle of the  process.

An article titled Buying Land in Kenya In 10 Steps by Timothy Wahome, a lecturer in finance at Africa Nazarene University gives great advice on how to purchase land in Kenya, which also generally applies to property.

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