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Pinto Pio Gama Pinto (1927-1965) was a Kenyan journalist of Indian and Goan descent, actively involved in the fight for independence. After spending four years in colonial detention, he founded the official KANU newspaper “Sauti ya KANU” in 1960. He continued his activism after independence and was sadly killed in 1965, some speculating he was assassinated for his strong socialist views while Kenya was starting to move more towards capitalism, while others thought it was due to his alleged communist activities throughout Africa. Incidentally he died only 4 days after Malcolm X was assassinated. The two were well acquainted and Malcolm X considered Pinto a great influence on his worldview. He was only 38. Wikipedia

~Image result for makhan singh KENYAMakhan Singh (1913-1973) -Trade unionist and a close associate of Fred Kubai. He formed the first trade union in 1935, the Labour Trade Union of Kenya. Spent 11 years of detention in Lodwar, but despite his great contribution to Trade Unionism and sacrifice to the freedom struggle, he has not received a much of attention among historians like the other freedom fighters of his calibre have received. Read this great article on Makhan Singh at sikhfoundation.org.

Image result for eddie pereira kenyaEddie Pereira (1915-1995) – Kenyan Nationalist of Goan descent who wrote over 100 newspaper articles critical of colonial rule. Was jailed under fabricated charges for his anti-colonial activities. After independence, he became a hotelier in Kisumu. Was sadly murdered in Nairobi in 1995. Before he died, Eddie wrote the following remarkable words: “…A good character is the best tombstone…Carve your name in heart, not on marble…Read more about Eddie at goacom.com

Fitz De Souza (b.1929) – Barrister and graduate of prestigious London School of Economics, he worked tirelessly to defend those accused of Mau Mau related activities in addition to serving as an advisor during the Lancaster House Conferences that laid the framework for an independent Kenya. After independence, he went on to become Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly until 1970. Wikipedia

Good Reads on these heroes

Liberating Minds, Restoring Kenyan History: Anti-Imperialist Resistance by Progressive South Asian Kenyans 1884-1965. Mar 23, 2017 by Nazmi Durrani. Google books preview.
Yesterday in Paradise Paperback – September 15, 2016 by Cyprian Fernandes. ISBN:978-1504303439. Google books preview.