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Field Marshal Musa MwariamaMusa ( 1928–1989, born M’Kiribua M’Muchiri) was one of the four main Mau Mau leaders along with Dedan Kimathi, Stanely Mathenge and Waruhiu Ihote (General China). He was in command of the Meru Region.

He died in 1989 from snake poison that he had accidentally imbibed while trying to save a friend from a snake bite. Courage in both life and death. Wikipedia Page

Musa Mwariama Kenya Gazette

Intrestingly this Kenya Gazette posting of May 18th 2007 shows Musa Mwariama died on 18th September 1993 and not in 1989 as stated in Wikipedia page.

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The Last Mau Mau Field Marshals: Kenya’s freedom war 1952-63 and Beyond : Their own Story. 1993. by David Njagi. ASIN: B0006F2WS2. Google books.